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Article by: R.Mason

If you are buying real-estate in Sosua, then it's very important to ensure that you use a good attorney. The lawyer must be well versed in Dominican law and be able to thoroughly check the title of the property you are looking to purchase. The title is basically the right of ownership of the property. Whover owns the title, owns the property. Title is a much overlooked aspect for many European and North American buyers, as they are used to a centralised land registry system in their home countries. Here in the Dominican Republic, there is no central system. Each region has it's own system, and they are not as straight forward as you would expect.

It has been known for buyers to purchase a property or plot of land and find out later that they don't actually own it, purely down to the fact that the attorney did not check the title thoroughly.

It's also possible to buy a title guaranty. This will provide a financially backed guaranty as to the status of your title and is a private contract of indemnity between a purchaser or lender and a title guaranty company. This will protects the holder of the guaranty from issues that may affect the title to the property, issues like liens, encumbrances, fraud, hidden heirs, improperly executed docuements, etc.

When buying property, play safe and choose your attorney carefully. Ask a few realtors what they think as they may have had dealings with them in the past. Also ask others who have bought recently. A good attorney will value their reputation and will have happy clients who are keen to recommend. A less scrupulous attorney's may be able to provide a recommendation, so it's worthwhile checking them out thoroughly.

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