Charities in the Dominican Republic

Sosua Kids

The purpose of this association is to assist children of insufficient means to attend school. It is a non-profit organization and will be run on a strictly volunteer basis. Children in the DR are entitled to attend school at no cost. However, they are required to supply a full uniform; shirts, skirts/slacks, shoes, socks, underwear and all school supplies. This association is being formed so that local residents and the many caring visitors to the DR may donate any assistance they wish to offer to an official, non-profit organization.

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Dominican Dream

The Dominican Republic Education And Mentoring (DREAM) Project is a US 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides equitable access to quality education for children born into poverty in rural areas and small communities of the Dominican Republic by combining volunteerism, international awareness, and community involvement into a sustainable support system.

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Beyond the Beach

Our mission is clear: We encourage travelers to make their journeys more than just vacations; to reach beyond the beach and assist us in equipping the children of the Dominican Republic with the tools necessary for learning and living, dreaming and achieving; to empower the children to free themselves from the restraints of poverty & lack of opportunity, and decide their own futures.

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Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed Communities commenced over 20 years ago as a home for abandoned and handicapped children. Mustard Seed Communities has diversified its activities over the years and now runs housing projects, community projects, economic projects and a home for pregnant teenagers. However, the core purpose of the organization is to care for abandoned handicapped children. To this end Mustard Seed Communities now cares for over 220 children across Jamaica, Nicaragua, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The organization is currently constructing a home for AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe.

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Asociación De Amigos Por Los Animales De Sosúa

The mission of the Asociación De Amigos Por Los Animales De Sosúa shall be to serve as the leading private non-profit organization within Sosúa, which exists to provide surgical neutering and rehabilitation to animals in need, to improve the care and general well-being of the animals, to promote humane care and concern for all animals by educating the public and by working to end pet overpopulation, to work toward a safe and healthy environment in the community, and to work for the passage and enforcement of laws which promote and provide for the humane treatment of animals.

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