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Finding a good printer in Sosua is not that easy. Good printing equipment is expensive and many small companies cannot afford it. There are quite a few companies offering photocopying, and if you just want a few basic flyers then you should be fine. Business cards are also possible, although you need to check that they can print to the right quality.

If you want something more complicated like a color brochure then you will probably find a better choice of printers in Puerto Plata or Santiago. As these are cities, they have more decent sized businesses that require printed items, and so you will likely find a printer who has better equipment and is used to printing business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, letterheads, leaflets, booklets, folders, envelopes and general stationery.

Full colour printing requires more expensive equipment, particlularly for long print runs.

Many printing companies in Puerto Plata or Sosua will offer a design service as well. Just make sure you check any design carefully before it goes to print, as if your printer is not fluent in English, spelling mistakes can easily occur, and once 5000 leaflets are printed, it's very costly to reprint them!

If you are using the internet to search for a printer, try using some of the following terms - just remember to add the word 'Sosua' or 'Puerto Plata' in front of each term!

If you still can't find a good printer in Puerto Plata, contact us and we may be able to find one for you.

Spanish terms for printers you may see here are: impresoras, imprentas.

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