What's going down in Sosua

Oct 2006

Contributed by J.Hanson

A wry photographical look at what's happening in Sosua in October 2006

sosua casino construction




This is the new casino that is/was being built in Sosua.

It's remained in this state for some time now. Nothing's happening.

Will work continue? Did they run out of money.

Watch this space!





voodoo lounge






This is the (ex)Voodoo Lounge. A favorite hangout for many ex-pats, it closed in September. The official word was that the had electricity problems, and couldn't open.

Well the electricity never got turned back on.


water on sosua beach






Hey that looks a bit wet...







sosua sea






Yep, it is!







office shop sosua art crafts


Another long hard day at the office.

Still I'll get through somehow.

Now where are those pesky customers?







clean beach beer sosua





Ok, now get me a beer, and then clean up this place!










"Man, you sure do some riveting stuff. And there's nothing I like better than watching paint dry."

" Do you mind if I watch you with one eye shut?"